If it’s not love, it’s the LHC that will bring us together

I’m so glad that we aren’t all going to die on Wednesday because there is just too much other awesome shit going on these days.

Cases in point:

  1. Google patents floating data centers
  2. Augmented reality gets one step closer
  3. Having vanquished print advertising, the Eye of Sauron turns to television
  4. “There are lots of things going on with codecs and bitrates that make caps not as relevant as they may appear to be.” (Up yours, Comcast!)
  5. Japanese researchers are developing an ultrasound-based haptic feedback system (for games?)
  6. Ashton Kutcher knows how to target a demo and make a dynamic interactive pop culture celebrity environment that they want to engage with!

It’s probably just me, but that last one just makes me keep thinking of this. I’m getting a really weird reality bleed-through effect here man!