Money, Cash, Hoes


A couple months ago I started reading this series of posts called “The Money Diaries” on the blog I WIll Teach You To Be Rich. The series follows a different reader of the blog every few weeks, and asks them to document all of their financial transactions and decision-making for a seven day period. It’s a pretty interesting window into what’s usually a private matter, and in many cases good for a few laughs as well. I was particularly amused by the guy who talked about getting high and buying cell-phone accessories, for instance.

Anyway, after reading that for a while, I discovered that it was based on *another* blog series, New York Magazine’s “Sex Diaries” which follows the exact same pattern except that diarists are asked to detail all of their sexual & romantic interactions for a week. Here you’ll read about such characters as “The Semi-Retired Engineer Who Has Discovered Nudism, Tantra, and Internet Porn” and “The Ex-Banker Living on Alcohol, Hookups, and Unemployment“.

Recently NY Mag published a “critical (but highly sympathetic)” analysis of the past few years of these diaries, which attempts to identify some common threads and shared experiences among the diarists. These are presented as a series of “anxieties” (the anxiety of making the wrong choice, the anxiety of appearing delusional, etc.) and the role of technology (particularly the cell phone) in catering to and/or creating these anxieties is also examined in some detail. (Which, in case you’re wondering, is why this post begins with an awesome portrait of Yoshiaki Zumino, the great spirit of cellular phones and other cordless devices, from Episode 3 of “Tenchi in Tokyo”, who derives his power from the collective angst and misery of relationships ruined by cell phones. BTW, it’s actually a really funny episode, you should check it out!)

Well anyway, now you’ve got plenty of stuff to read (and watch) on this Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!